Bhanwar lal Girdhari lal Sharma, known as B.G.Sharma is among the most eminent painters practicing in traditional style in India. Reproduction of his work can be well as the way of expression is a continuation of the great tradition of Indian painting, retaining its originality at the same time.
    Leading Personality - B.G.SHARMAShri B.G.Sharma was born on 5th August, 1924 in Nathdwara a holy town of vallabh sampradaya in Rajasthan, 50 Kms. from Udaipur where a community of artist live and work amidst the well known temple complex of Shrinathji, the deity of millions of followers.
    Unlike most traditional artists practicing today who supply work on a commercial basis for a market, is growing increasingly popular, Shri B.G.Sharma dedicated himself to seek genuine inspiration from the art of the past in order to be able to practice as true and creative artist. This dedication has led him to study the various style of the art of the past and his practice, based on Mughal, Kishangarh and Kangra paintings, has a personal and individual touch of class.
    Shri B.G.Sharma presented Shrimati Indira Gandhi, Prime minister of India her portrait at Mumbai in 1971. He also presented a beautiful painting to Sir Malcam Frazer, Prime Minister of Australia during his visit to Udaipur in 1981.
    Mr.Alfred-A-Knopt of New York had published a book named "COW BOOK" in the year 1983 after collecting paintings from all the 25 leading artist of the world. From India Shri B.G.Sharma was selected, as his painting was found to be best of all artist of India. 
    Shri Sharma's painting have been included in the famous art collection in Germany, France, America, Belgium, Switzerland, Japan, Italy, Holland, Shri Lanka, Saudi Arabia & Kuwait etc.
    Shri B.G.Sharma is recipient of Merit certificate awarded by the board of Handicrafts, New Delhi in 1980.
    The central Independent Television pic company Central House, Broad Street, Birmingham (England) also interviewed him in the studio & published in a book, and the said book has also been awarded an "Art Directors Award" from the "American Institute of Graphic Arts" on the basis of his painting only which was best of all.
    He has also been awarded National Award for MASTER CRAFTSMAN for the year 1983.
    He ahs been awarded "MAHARANA SANGRAM SINGH" award by Maharana Foundation in Feb.,1984.
    Shri Sharma also participated in India Promotion programme held in West Germany during April-May 1985.
    Shri Sharma was also selected by the Govt.of India and sent to Washington U.S.A. where he participated in India Festival Programme.
Shri Sharma has laid foundation of an art museum in Udaipur under the banner of Shri B.G.Sharma Art Gallery at 3, Saheli Marg, Udaipur with a view to display the entire collection of his creations for the lovers of art. It is a unique museum, "A ZENITH OF ART" which contains his choicest and pricest paintings.

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